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Lisa Thomas Fine Art

Twilight 3 Acrylic Photo Print

Twilight 3 Acrylic Photo Print

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Introduce an element of sophisticated artistry to your environment with "Twilight 3," an enchanting macro photograph that combines beauty and intrigue. More than just wall decor, this piece is a visual odyssey that blends the unexpected charm of oil and water with a vivid spectrum of purples, pinks, blues, and greens.

The essence of "Twilight 3" is its macro photography magic, brilliantly captured on top-tier metallic photo paper and elegantly presented on 1/4" thick acrylic. This isn't just a visual treat; it's an interactive art piece that shifts and shimmers under varying lighting, offering both a near-backlit effect and an illusion of depth.

Delight in the intricate details of this masterpiece - the ethereal patterns formed by oil and water, where every swirl and droplet echoes the distinctiveness of this artistic approach. It's a fresh take on modern photography, an adventure in texture, hue, and shape.

More than just an image, "Twilight 3" is an immersive experience. Its frameless design, mounted on acrylic, exudes a chic, floating look that's ideal for contemporary living or workspaces. The diamond-polished edges bring an extra layer of elegance, creating a captivating translucent effect.

Tailored to fit various environments, "Twilight 3" is available in multiple sizes, ready to transform your wall into a showcase of modern sophistication. It can be displayed as a standalone piece or coupled with "Twilight 1" and "Twilight 2" for an impressive triptych display. The hardware provided aligns with the orientation shown on our product pages, but custom sizes and orientations can be requested at

Enhance your space with "Twilight 3" and start a visual expedition as distinct as your personal style. Make it a part of your collection today and experience the transformative essence of fine art

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