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Lisa Thomas Fine Art

Rainbow 1 Fine Art Acrylic Photo Print

Rainbow 1 Fine Art Acrylic Photo Print

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Dive into a world where the boundaries of reality blur and vibrant hues dance in harmony with the elements. "Rainbow 1" is not just a photograph, but a mesmerizing portal to an enchanting realm where oil and water converge to create an astonishing symphony of colors. This abstract piece captures a fleeting moment of nature's magic, frozen in time for you to treasure.  Each glance at "Rainbow 1" reveals a new facet of its kaleidoscopic beauty. It's ballet of textures, gives rise to intricate patterns that seem to defy the laws of physics. The undulating forms and captivating swirls draw you in, inviting you to explore the depths of this visual journey.  At the heart of this artwork lies the breathtaking spectrum of a rainbow. Each hue is meticulously preserved, radiating vivid energy that elevates any space it graces. From the deep purples to the vibrant yellows, from the tranquil blues to the invigorating greens – this photograph encapsulates the entire color spectrum in a harmonious arrangement that awakens the senses. "Rainbow 1" can be paired with "Rainbow 2" to create and unique diptych. Note: "Rainbow 2" is sold separately. 

"Rainbow 1" is an acrylic photo print, securing the longevity of its vibrant hues and intricate details for years to come. Whether you aspire to infuse your living or work space with a burst of dynamic vitality or stimulate dialogue and contemplation, this unique wall art stands as an exceptional selection.

Details of the gallery quality print: This image is meticulously printed on premium metallic photo paper, then front-mounted onto a 1/4" thick acrylic, allowing you to peer through the acrylic at your print. Acrylic possesses a unique property wherein light refracts within it, producing an almost illuminated effect when lit optimally. The print is supported by dibond, enhancing protection and rigidity. The print's edges are expertly diamond polished, resulting in a translucent effect that amplifies its visual charm. This frameless acrylic front-mount offers an incredibly contemporary and brilliant exhibition. The process is concluded with the application of  suspended/floating hardware, creating a visually stunning off-the-wall appearance. Hardware is attached to hang the print in the orientation displayed on the product pages. For alternate orientations, please contact us at Select from a variety of size options to match your aesthetic preferences and spatial requirements. Infuse your surroundings with abstract vibrancy through "Rainbow 1" - an artwork that lauds the fusion of color, form, and imagination in a distinctive and captivating arrangement.

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