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Mosaic Memories 2 Acrylic Photo Print

Mosaic Memories 2 Acrylic Photo Print

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"Mosaic Memories 2" is a continuation of the artistic exploration begun in "Mosaic Memories 1." This second piece in the triptych series delves further into the delicate interplay between oil and water. It's a macro photograph that captures the essence of this intriguing combination, presenting a rich tapestry of oil droplets suspended in water.

Set against a vivid backdrop, these droplets come together to form an abstract, mosaic inspired pattern. The colors are vibrant, and the swirling patterns are intricate, drawing the viewer into a microscopic world of beauty and wonder. This piece, like its predecessor, transforms everyday substances into a stunning display of fine art.

As a standalone piece or as part of the series, "Mosaic Memories 2" offers a unique perspective on abstract art. It's ideal for enhancing various spaces, serving as a conversation starter whether it's placed in a home, a gallery, or an office setting. The photograph stands as a testament to the unexpected beauty that lies in simple, everyday things, waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

In terms of presentation, this photograph is produced on high-quality metallic photo paper and meticulously face-mounted onto 1/4" thick acrylic. This unique process gives the image a nearly backlit effect when lit optimally. The refraction of light by the acrylic adds a captivating depth to the viewing experience. The print is reinforced with dibond for protection and stability. The edges of the print are diamond-polished, creating a mesmerizing see-through effect and elevating the visual charm of the piece. This frameless acrylic face mount offers an ultra-modern, brilliant display. It comes with floating hardware for a suspended appearance and is available in various sizes to match different aesthetic preferences and spatial requirements. Custom orientations can be requested via email at, adding to its versatility as a piece of art.

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