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Lisa Thomas Fine Art

Jewels Acrylic Photo Print

Jewels Acrylic Photo Print

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Immerse yourself in the abstract allure of "Jewels," a captivating acrylic mount photography print that masterfully transforms the ordinary interplay of oil and water into an extraordinary visual symphony. This piece, dominated by a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors including vivid orange, radiant yellow, lush green, serene blue, and deep purple, brings a burst of life and complexity to any space. Printed on high-grade photo paper and expertly mounted under polished acrylic, the image gains impressive depth and clarity, making every detail pop and sparkle like real jewels. Its abstract appeal is perfect for those who find beauty in complexity, inviting contemplation and admiration in equal measure. 

Gallery quality print details: Crafted on high-grade metallic photo paper and meticulously face-mounted onto 1/4" thick acrylic, this unique process grants a nearly backlit effect when illuminated optimally. The acrylic's refraction of light adds a captivating dimension to the viewing experience, while the print is reinforced with dibond for protection and stability. The diamond-polished print edge creates a mesmerizing see-through effect, elevating its visual charm. This frameless acrylic face mount offers an ultra-modern, brilliant display, further enhanced by the included hanging/floating hardware for that coveted suspended appearance. The attached hardware aligns with the orientation displayed on the product pages, and custom orientations are available upon request via email at  Choose from an array of size options to perfectly match your aesthetic preferences and spatial requirements. 

This versatile decor piece, whether adorning a corporate office or adding a splash of color to a cozy living room, has a universal appeal that makes it an ideal fit for various settings. 

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